Sunday, February 09, 2014

NBC: Communism is “one of history’s pivotal experiments”
It didn’t take long for NBC to offer up all of its credibility in payment to Vladimir Putin in exchange for the television rights to the Sochi Olympics, did it? In its intro to the opening ceremonies — in which Putin’s Russia trotted out a gigantic hammer and sicle to celebrate its nation — NBC called perhaps the bloodiest and most oppressive tyrannies in human history “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments”

A pivotal experiment? Perhaps … in mass murder, subjugation, and paranoia. This “experiment” lasted more than 70 years and it was so “unsuccessful” that its satellites tried repeatedly to depart from it, resulting in brutal crackdowns from Moscow. The West didn’t lift a finger when Russians sent tanks into Hungary in 1956 to put down an end to that part of the “experiment,” nor did they do much in 1968 when the Czechs wanted to call the experiment a failure. Communism was an evil, tyrannical system of both government and economics, not an “experiment” in a lab somewhere....