Sunday, April 13, 2014

Obamacare website goes down just hours before deadline to enroll for coverage

More Puzzling Obamacare Numbers
...In fact, we know that at least one midpoint is quite far from the truth, because there is no way to reconcile the 3.9 million people it says bought exchange policies with the Barack Obama administration’s official data showing that 7.3 million had selected exchange plans by the end of March. Even if we factor in the three days the survey missed -- which saw a titanic surge in enrollments -- and even if we assume that only 80 percent of the people who selected a plan have actually paid for it, 3.9 million is too small. Well before data collection ended, the administration had already announced that plan signups had hit 6 million. Even with attrition of 20 percent, that should still have yielded 4.8 million marketplace policies in the RAND study. And indeed, 4.8 million is within its margin of error, though at the very high end....

Can The ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
...So to get to 7.1 million, these 36 states had to boost their numbers 80% in March.

What's more, seven of these federal-exchange states have revealed their sign-up numbers through the end of March: Alabama, Delaware, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Assuming their numbers are correct, these seven states account for more than 590,000 of the 7.1 million, according to, a private site that has been closely tracking ObamaCare sign-up numbers and is supportive of the law.

This leaves just 29 states that must have added almost 2 million ObamaCare enrollees in March — an eye-popping 90% increase in just the last month of the six-month open enrollment period....

But states that relied on and that have reported total sign-up numbers through March 31 haven't seen gains anywhere near 90%.

Alabama's, for example, was 40%, Delaware's 22%. In West Virginia, the gain was 40%. The highest were South Carolina at 74% and New Mexico at 76%.

In addition, by mid-March, Georgia was up just 27%, Ohio 23%, Arizona 39% and Mississippi 25%. Arkansas' sign-ups had climbed only 22% by March 26.