Sunday, May 18, 2014

NPR: Great News, Employers Might Start Paying You For Health Care!!!
Employers will pay you money!!! Only in Obama's America would employers pay you consideration for your work!!!

Now, as Ed Morrissey noted, this is of course just an enormously deceptive, put-on-a-happy-smile euphemism for the truth: As predicted, and long denied by Obama and the progressives, Obamacare is a glidepath to destroying private insurance.

What NPR means, of course, is that employers plan to dump you on to the Obamacare exchanges.

They're not "paying you for healthcare," at least not in any new way: They were already paying you for healthcare. That's what "employer-provided healthcare" means, after all. They're paying you, partly in the form of a healthcare policy.

But that policy was a private one.

Now they'll be saving money (hint: this means paying you less) by paying you a contribution towards your health care, which you will then use to... buy Obamacare on the terrific website