Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Did a Journal for Christian Pastors Give a Platform to a Sexual Predator?
...The first big problem (besides the part where he essentially says it was his wife who drove him to this, which is next door to saying he didn’t have a choice in the matter) is that he never really seems to get that what he did to this minor was rape. Instead, he swaddles the entire story in Christianese, using it to distance himself from his actions and make the whole situation sound… normal. As if it were, at worst, an affair. Just look at the very next paragraph:...

Disturbing Lesson from Christian Workbook Discusses Why God Allowed a Little Boy to “Be Molested”
...God will severely judge the fifteen year old boy for the evil that he did. However, your son can turn what was meant for evil into good. The vaccinations we receive for various diseases contains a small amount of the actual disease. Our immune system builds up a reaction to it so that if our body is exposed to the disease, it is prepared to fight it off. A similar result can occur in the life of your son if this matter handled in a Scriptural way....

Cooking, cleaning and making babies: Inside the ultra-conservative Christian 'cult' Gloriavale where women's lives are strictly controlled and they have no contact with the outside world
..The documentary focuses on a few women in particular - 22-year-old Dove Love who is a kitchen manager and preparing for her upcoming marriage to 17-year-old builder Watchful Steadfast.

Dove Love is doing the washing for everybody in the community, when Watchful Steadfast arrives her her house with a bunch of flowers as a marriage proposal.

She admits she didn't know she was getting married until hours beforehand.

Once the couple is married and they exchange vows - where the woman promises to submit to the man and the man vows to be a leader, they embrace before going to a consummation room where they are expected to lose their virginities....

Teen-raping Texas pastor gets life in prison after using the Bible to justify abusing women
A volunteer youth pastor was sentenced to life in prison in Texas this week for sexually assaulting multiple teens at his church, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Dell Ivan Godkin, 48, was found guilty of sexually abusing one victim beginning when she was 13-years-old, and continuing until she was 17, by telling her God approved of what they were doing.

“He would say lots of things about God being OK with it,” explained prosecutor Monica Cooper, adding that Godkin would cite passages from the Bible to explain the roles of men and women to his victims...