Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Fan Club: Boston Bombing Suspect Gets Support From Girls, #FreeJahar Following
...Yahoo! spoke to several psychologists, who said Tsarnaev's appeal may stem from the myth of the "bad boy" or from a deeper motive: fame.

“It’s not that he’s a bomb suspect, it’s that he’s notorious,” Sheila Isenberg, author of “Women Who Love Men Who Kill,” told the site. “A lot are going to say, ‘I just want to make sure he gets a fair trial, but that’s really window dressing for their inherent need to get famous themselves.”

“Similar to the fascination teen girls have with vampire characters in movies and books, dark characters are a way to forge a separate identity and to defiantly (or rebelliously) declare oneself as independent of authority figures,” psychologist Jill Weber noted. “Some of this is normal teen development, but being drawn to a criminal is a dysfunctional way to forge independence.”

ABC News adds that this phenomenon is not limited to "cute" teenage suspects, either.

Luka Magnotta, the so-called "Cannibal killer," has a devoted female fan base as well, the outlet reports. Accused Aurora shooter James Holmes had a legion of fan girls all his own, including Aurora, Colo., resident Misty Benjamin, who told reporters she was "physically attracted" to Holmes.

"When I get upset, I look at his picture and I calm down," she said at the time....

Obamacare Kicks Young Men While They’re Down
Young men will be the biggest losers in the transition to Obamacare, according to a new report by the actuarial and consulting firm Milliman. The report estimates that males as a whole will see an 11 percent increase in insurance premiums, while females as a whole will see a nine percent decrease. Men under 40 will face insurance hikes of 18 to 31 percent; females under 40 will benefit from 13 to 19 percent decreases.

But here’s the real kicker: premiums for young men ages 25-36 could increase by more than 50 percent, and females 25-29 will face a 4 percent increase. In other words, if you’re young, you lose. If you’re a man, you lose. If you’re a young man, you really lose....