Sunday, October 06, 2013

Forget budgets, debts: What Obama's real goals are
...Last year Obama told the Russians he'd have more flexibility after his final election. Apparently, such flexibility does not apply to domestic affairs. A growing number have become convinced that his cynicism, arrogance and intransigence are proof that results in the form of a budget, a debt limit hike or some such item are not Obama's real goals.

His real goals are to exacerbate and inflame divisions, tensions and conflicts across American society. It's a fundamental tenet of community organizing that if everyone is fighting each other, they have less opportunity or energy to resist the organizer's larger goals. And if people feel they're living in chaos, the organizer's alternative of a stronger central organization may well seem more attractive.

Looking back over Obama's first 1,717 days in office, that style and reach become painfully obvious. Which indicates even more painfully that what lies ahead in his remaining 1,205 days will be tumultuous at best.