Sunday, October 20, 2013

ObamaCare ‘propaganda’ on our favorite shows?
...Here I’ll just pause to remind the entertainment industry that it has about half the approval rating of the NRA. (In January, at the peak of NRA attacks, the gun-rights group had a 44% favorability score as against 24% for the entertainment industry, an NBC News/WSJ poll found).

Nor is pushing politics a winning business model: In the last frenzy of Hollywood propaganda, during the mid-2000s peak of Bush Derangement Syndrome, we were treated to such dismal and didactic Iraq War dramas as “Lions for Lambs” (final gross: $15 million), “In the Valley of Elah” ($6.8 million) and “Grace Is Gone” ($51,000 — that’s right, thousand, as in “less than the cost of the Evian they drank on the set”).

At least those films weren’t planted by the White House, though. This time it’s different. An industry that loves to trumpet its fierce devotion to the First Amendment is putting itself at risk when it willingly becomes another tool of the DC power elite.

Once you’re taking dictation from Washington, it becomes harder to say no when the politicians start telling you what not to say.