Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alleged racist Paula Deen gave lots of help to Barack Obama
...Anyway, Paula Deen is a horrible racist who has never had a progressive thought in her life because who would ever use that term to refer to a minority in this day and age? Why, she must be one of those Republican, church-going, hatred-supporting vote suppressors we’re always hearing about! Which would probably be accurate if she didn’t happen to be close personal friends with the Obamas.

The Food Network star campaigned for Obama back in 2008, and invited his wife Michelle to cook with her during an episode of Paula’s Party. Later, she said she “just loved” being around the First Lady, and praised her platform: encouraging kids and young adults to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise.

Apparently, she used the racial slur as a term of endearment and her boundless liberal affection. Or something. Which definitely explains why she’s being sued by her former employee for $1.2 million for subjecting her to such suggestions as hiring a bunch of black children to dress up in little tuxedos for her son’s wedding (allegedly, though she has apologized now, so those allegations are likely confirmed) and openly viewing pornography in her restaurant office, which definitely doesn’t seem very Paula Deen-y. Not as nice as you would think, it seems....