Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cleta Mitchell: How to Investigate the IRS
...hey should, and perhaps the Securities and Exchange Commission ought to start a case file as well. Ms. Mitchell says she learned this week that the IRS even intervened in the business dealings of a donor to conservative causes. "There were two public companies that were in the process of trying to do a merger and somehow the IRS stepped in and demanded all this information and said, 'If you don't give it to us we'll stop this merger,' " she says. "But I cannot get [the donor] to come forward . . . 'Look I've been through this hassle with the IRS. I don't need any more.' People are really afraid and the donors are the most afraid."

She has heard "a number of reports" of conservative donors "having been audited or hassled," but she doesn't have a sense of how many cases there might be. "I hear about them all the time, but so far they've been the most reluctant of all to talk."...